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Last Updated: 12/27/2022

What is the Hypixel Skyblock Wiki?

The Hypixel Skyblock Wiki is basically an encyclopedia specifically for Skyblock. The Wiki is packed full of information all about Skyblock, written by actual players of Hypixel. Main sections include: Basics, Gear, Skills, Events, and Other Content. Each of these sections includes sub-sections that go into incredible detail about their topics. As a player, you can find answers to pretty much all of your questions here.

Hypixel Skyblock Wiki

Hypixel Skyblock Wiki Sections


The Basics section includes sub-sections such as Skyblock Levels, Fairy Souls, Minions, Collections, Skills, and more. The most important section for new players would be Introduction. By reading this section as a new player you can eliminate some of the confusion when you first join the game and are wondering how to begin. The Introduction section of the Hypixel Skyblock Wiki briefly covers things such as the overview of the game, quests, and the locations of certain things. A more interesting part under Basics is the Community Tutorials. There are many tutorials on how to do things such as AH flipping, maxing items or skills, low-balling, and much more.


The Gear section covers things such as weapons, armor, potions, reforging, and pets. The armor section for example, shows you a list that includes each type of armor, along with its stats, abilities, and full-set bonus. As a player who doesn’t spend all day playing Hypixel Skyblock, you might look through this list and find a set of armor you want to buy but quickly realize you would need to spend hundreds of hours grinding to be able to afford it. If you have this problem, there is a very easy solution to get rich enough to afford anything you want in the game. The absolute quickest way to make coins is nowhere to be found in the Hypixel Skyblock Wiki, but you can easily figure it out by clicking here.


Pretty much all players looking to max out their stats will at some point need to find an external list that includes all of the accessories in Hypixel Skyblock. The Accessories section of the Wiki includes every single talisman in the game, it includes the rarity, what effect it has, and even where to get it or what materials are required to craft it. This list is absolutely essential since there are so many different accessories and it would be a headache to attempt to figure out all the accessories that exist, and nevermind figuring out how to obtain them. For situations like this, the Hypixel Skyblock Wiki will save you a lot of time. If you’re a mid-game player with little to no accessories, but have a large amount of coins sitting in your purse, you can simply go through the list and begin acquiring each talisman one-by-one. After a few hours of work, and depending on how many coins you had to begin with, you could have a maxed out accessories bag, and much higher stats than when you first started. As you can see, the Wiki is the ultimate Hypixel Skyblock guide.

Hypixel Skyblock Wiki Accessories

Hypixel Wiki or Skyblock Forums

Many of the questions asked on the Hypixel Skyblock forums can be very simply answered by referring to the Hypixel Wiki. You can save your own time and other player’s time by simply checking the Wiki for any questions that you need answered. You can also help the community by directing new players to the Hypixel Skyblock Wiki when they ask basic questions that can easily be answered by a quick search. Unless someone is holding your hand through the entire game, it will be very difficult for you to progress without being able to look at this massive encyclopedia of Skyblock information. It contains almost all the information you will ever need as a player with the goal of progression, and will be much more reliable than the members of the Hypixel Skyblock forums.