Sample of All FAQs (Helpie FAQ)

  • Are the accounts hacked or ratted?

    No. We get all our Skyblock accounts from players who are quitting the game and looking to sell. We thoroughly check every account to make sure there is absolutely no suspicious activity.

  • Are these accounts full access?

    Yes, all of our Skyblock accounts are full access. You can change everything on the account such as the email, password, security settings, username, and much more.

  • Will I get banned?

    No. When buying a Skyblock account there is no chance that you will be banned from Hypixel. This is because Hypixel can’t track what you do outside of the game and they have no idea if you bought or sold your account. All they can see is the IP change when the new user logs in, but that happens all the time for regular users. There is a small chance you will get security banned as a result of the IP change, but all you need to do is submit an appeal which will be automatically accepted and you’ll be unbanned in 7 days.

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