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Hypixel Skyblock

Hypixel is known as the most popular server on Minecraft: Java Edition, and within the Hypixel server there are many different game-modes such as Skyblock, which has thousands of concurrent players. Hypixel Skyblock is essentially a game within Minecraft. Players of Hypixel Skyblock can level up their skills, earn coins, unlock better items, and much more.

Hypixel Skyblock Coins

In Hypixel Skyblock there is an in-game currency known as Hypixel Skyblock coins. These coins can be used in Hypixel Skyblock to buy things such as armor, weapons, pets, and more. Hypixel Skyblock coins can be earned by doing various activities within the game such as mining and farming. Many players want to skip the long hours of grinding and obtain Hypixel Skyblock coins as quickly as possible, and that’s where Coinpixel comes in.


Coinpixel is a Hypixel Skyblock coin shop, we specialize in selling Hypixel Skyblock coins exclusively. Since beginning in early 2021, the Coinpixel discord server rose to over 6,500 members (before Coinpixel 2.0 was created) and sold Hypixel Skyblock coins to thousands of players. The only way to buy Hypixel Skyblock coins from Coinpixel is by going to:, or

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Because of our knowledge of Hypixel Skyblock and the methods we have perfected, Coinpixel is most likely the safest place to buy Hypixel Skyblock coins. If you need assistance or have any questions, feel free to join the Coinpixel discord server and open a ticket, or check out our FAQ.

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Since we know how difficult it is to get started in Hypixel Skyblock and how beneficial it can be to get free coins, the Coinpixel discord server has occasional giveaways for millions of completely free coins! If you want a chance to win free Hypixel Skyblock coins in one of our giveaways, join the Coinpixel discord server and keep an eye out for when a new one begins.